• Alicia

    Dear Dr. Luong,
    It is with great relief that I write this letter. After many years of neglect to my dental health due to past bad experiences and great fear, I found the answer to my dental needs in you and your staff. The calm, friendly and professional manner in which I have been treated has made my very long, overdue dental needs an encouraging and pleasant experience. I am very pleased to have had no pain and very little discomfort during, after and with on-going treatment. Everyone should feel this comfortable and confident with their dental care professional. Appreciatively, Alicia

  • Angie

    My trip to Dr. Luong’s Artistic Center for Dentistry in July 2011 was not expected to be evenful. I need to have a general consultation with the doctor and have some X-rays taken of my teeth. Several of my crowns had slowly chipped away and I was experiencing some pain when chewing. I agreed to have the problem resolved based on the plan she presented. For my part, there was a healthy dose of skepticism as to how my new teeth would look like. This perception was, sadly derived from the one piece temporary I was fitted with, pending the crowns. It was, by far, my least favorite part of the process. When my new crowns became available, I was surprised to see that they look natural and so much better than my previous ones. Dr. Luong’s steadfast commitment to quality was, truly commendable. Thank you, Dr. Luong and Staff.

  • John and Barbara Wallace

    My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Luong for over 5 years. We have always received outstanding treatment from Dr. Luong and staff. Her staff is very professional and often we have had emergencies and these needs have been taken care of within hours of notification. Her office has the latest state of the art equipment and we have found Dr. Luong and her staff to be patient, methodical and always thinking of the care of their patients. We highly recommend Dr. Luong and her office for any dental needs.

  • Michael Allen

    My teeth were discolored and crooked at the age of 12 from an accident when I was a child. I have had a fear of dentists because of a bad experience when I was young until I walked into The Artistic Center for Dentistry and had a consultation. Professional, patient, compassionate, virtually pain free from beginning to end and after only a few visits my teeth are bright white and straight. I can now smile without embarrassment and am proud to recommend Dr. Luong and staff. Thank you again. You have helped to create a new chapter in my life.

  • Peri Hutchinson

    Going to a dentist is not one of my favorite things as happens to many people. Dr. Luong and her staff are just the nicest people. She is an accomplished dentist, she’s professional and she has done an amazing job with my teeth. I never once felt rushed with her or her staff. She cares about her patients and we care about her. I respect her. I am very happy with my new smile and thankful she is the one I chose.